He's back...

The cop: Donal Riordan, undead,  imprisoned in a coffin below ground. The city: Tristopolis, gothamesque and baroque, its unchanging sky deep purple, its elevators propelled by indentured wraiths, and its power produced by necroflux reactors, fuelled by the bones of the dead.

When powerful conspiracies threaten Tristopolis from the far side of the world, can a freed Donal find a way to stop them, and in the process find a reason to carry on existing?

Available right now!


Harlan Ellison RIP

A giant has left the building. Never knew the man, witnessed him on stage one time, but Anne McCaffrey knew him beyond the public persona and admired him hugely.

For a tribute from someone who knew him, check out what Steve Barnes wrote.

Has any other writer driven so much blazing energy into everything they wrote?


Where I Write

Anywhere, really, but by preference, right here. See how much I like interruptions when I'm at play. I mean work. (Writing is supposed to equate to suffering. Just for a moment there, I forgot.)

My writing desk looks like this:

With various trinkets that seem appropriate (and yes, that's my oldest and favourite kettlebell at the bottom of the picture):
The red skull came from Naples. There's a trilobite possibly visible in the previous pic that came from Arizona. Not sure I can remember where I acquired all the other trinkets...

I might do something like a cross-posting of this to my newly active Facebook page. Wow, do I have my finger on the 21st-century pulse.

Work is proceeding nicely on Tristopolis Requiem, by the way.


On The Brink

And the paperback is now available too!


A new look at the Cold War

The paperback's not out for a week or so, so I've not mentioned it yet, but I have a new Cold War thriller available on Kindle:

Here's the description:

November 1957: Sputnik circles in orbit. The free world sees a threat of atomic war.

Schoolteacher and former commando Paul Reynolds reluctantly agrees to work for MI6. In East Berlin, scientist Elsa Vadimova, desperate to escape, holds - or can steal - the price of freedom.

A secret from the past, an enemy within, a promise of the future.

... and in writing it, I found so many resonances with today's geopolitics. Also things that the original Cold War thrillers, written in the early 60s, paid little or no attention to: women in technology, also, well, technology, the psychology of East German citizens, the post-war anarchy in Central/Eastern Europe. I had a lot of fun trying to bring the period to life.

It's sort of a heist story...