Harlan Ellison RIP

A giant has left the building. Never knew the man, witnessed him on stage one time, but Anne McCaffrey knew him beyond the public persona and admired him hugely.

For a tribute from someone who knew him, check out what Steve Barnes wrote.

Has any other writer driven so much blazing energy into everything they wrote?


Where I Write

Anywhere, really, but by preference, right here. See how much I like interruptions when I'm at play. I mean work. (Writing is supposed to equate to suffering. Just for a moment there, I forgot.)

My writing desk looks like this:

With various trinkets that seem appropriate (and yes, that's my oldest and favourite kettlebell at the bottom of the picture):
The red skull came from Naples. There's a trilobite possibly visible in the previous pic that came from Arizona. Not sure I can remember where I acquired all the other trinkets...

I might do something like a cross-posting of this to my newly active Facebook page. Wow, do I have my finger on the 21st-century pulse.

Work is proceeding nicely on Tristopolis Requiem, by the way.


On The Brink

And the paperback is now available too!


A new look at the Cold War

The paperback's not out for a week or so, so I've not mentioned it yet, but I have a new Cold War thriller available on Kindle:

Here's the description:

November 1957: Sputnik circles in orbit. The free world sees a threat of atomic war.

Schoolteacher and former commando Paul Reynolds reluctantly agrees to work for MI6. In East Berlin, scientist Elsa Vadimova, desperate to escape, holds - or can steal - the price of freedom.

A secret from the past, an enemy within, a promise of the future.

... and in writing it, I found so many resonances with today's geopolitics. Also things that the original Cold War thrillers, written in the early 60s, paid little or no attention to: women in technology, also, well, technology, the psychology of East German citizens, the post-war anarchy in Central/Eastern Europe. I had a lot of fun trying to bring the period to life.

It's sort of a heist story...


Roll up, roll up...

I'm not much for this self-promotion thing, but Destructor Function is on special offer at 99p/99c on Amazon until 30th January. If you're a Kindle Unlimited user, then read it for free, along with Edge and Point...

If you want to know what I'm working on right now, this here cover design is a hint:

I'm maybe a fifth of the way through the 2nd draft, and taking it slowly. But yes, Donal Riordan returns...