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The cop: Donal Riordan, undead, imprisoned in a coffin below ground. The city: Tristopolis, gothamesque and baroque, its unchanging sky deep purple, its elevators propelled by indentured wraiths, and its power produced by necroflux reactors, fuelled by the bones of the dead.

When powerful conspiracies threaten Tristopolis from the far side of the world, can a freed Donal find a way to stop them, and in the process find a reason to carry on existing?


I did in fact get back to the US earlier this year, in May. First flight anywhere for several years. Normally when travelling my workout area is just my hotel room (or the great outdoors), and when I'm at home I train in my study/office (where I have a kettlebell and resistance bands), on a recumbent bike in another room, or actually where I should train, which is my dojo in the garden, or in the garden itself.

Working out in a hotel gym in Arizona was therefore my first time lifting weights in a public gym for absolutely ages... I'm not really much for the whole selfie thing, but there ya go.

Not a sightseeing trip, but here are hot-air balloons rising over the desert in the morning...

I spent the actual summer months (here in the UK) teaching software engineering to some wonderfully energetic, bright people, which was my absolute privilege and honour. Good luck to everyone!

In this country, every day is Bloomin' Ungrateful Day... but if you're US-based, then Happy Thanksgiving for Thursday! Take care, all.



I'm not going to start offering writing/publishing advice in any kind of depth, unless I go through a major change of heart at some point.

But I'm more than happy to share resources.

The indie publishing world can be confusing, and my contemporaries among traditionally published writers are likely to offer advice based on the 1990s model, which was entirely correct at the time and no longer applies at all.

So if you're in need of good information, I'm going to recommend 2 must-follow blogs:

Dean Wesley Smith at

Kristine Kathryn Rusch at

Kris writes a weekly post regarding the business (sometimes a "process" piece describing her own process, other times a deep look at some highly relevant aspect of publishing), along with some other posts (including a free short story every Monday).

Dean posts every day (!) and has done for years, so some posts are fillers; but whenever he goes into depth regarding craft or business, it's worth reading.

Tell 'em I sent you!


New hard-SF action adventure: THREADSLINGER'S CODE

 A new novella launches today. It's called Threadslinger's Code...

Jack Tolliver is trying to retrieve a stolen book, but he isn't the library police, and he's more than a spy: he's a threadslinger. When dark forces strike from another universe, it's time to up his game... or leave the entire world at risk.

Multiverse shenanigans, spy craft and skullduggery, even some AI stuff that no one's thinking about right now... What more could you possibly want?

(Rhetorical question... If anyone asked me what I wanted, I could probably come up with something. 😊)

It was fun to write, for sure.




When schoolboy Finbar sees his teacher disappear into a solid brick wall, it has to be some form of hallucination, doesn’t it? But when strange things occur six years later, it’s time to question his ideas about reality… and fight for his survival.


Now available from Amazon... Enjoy!

And more short fiction to come from me this year, as well as another novel.



From the city where the skies are eternally deep purple, where elevators are powered by indentured wraiths, and power comes from reactors fueled by the bones of the dead... comes a new short mystery.

Not a Donal Riordan tale, but featuring his sometime friend and colleague Adam Obsidian.

When detective Adam Obsidian finds the Gambuccini brothers murdered, he isn't shedding tears. The dead men were villains, through and through. The problem? Adam Obsidian is the only suspect.

Pursued by Tristopolis PD, can he solve the mystery before someone ends him too?

...Find it on Amazon today!