2020 vision

Well to start, what happened in 2019? Publishing-wise, Two For Tristopolis and a rather stealthy release for Strategy Pattern, the former being two short stories set in the world of Bone Song but without Donal Riordan, the latter being a return to the contemporary cyber-thriller world of Case and his fierce partner Kat.

Physically, despite a bit of a cold, I'm still training every day. (Remind me to tell you about the time I nearly died of septicemia... Never, ever take antibiotics for granted.) Not much running, but lots of wrestling calisthenics (Hindu push-ups, Hindu squats, wrestler's bridge) and weight training (which includes resistance-band training: just as effective as barbells and dumbbells, although my home dojo has a squat rack and bench and I love them), and of course karate drills. And stretching/mobility, every day.

But the real runner is my wife, Yvonne. What did she do?

146 half marathons or longer, in 2019 alone. (Nine full marathons, one ultra, and a bunch of 15- and 16-milers in the mix.)

Yikes... Unofficially, this appears to be a world record for a female runner of any age.

So now it's the morning of 1st January, 2020. I hammered out a full-body strength-training session starting at 6:30 (big volume, loosely based on German Volume Training: ten working sets for the big compound lifts). And as I post this, Yvonne is out running a half marathon, having run half marathons on each of the last five days as well.

And yes, she's 65 years old. Mindset is everything. Discipline and focus are your most valuable friends, always.

2020? More of the same, with luck.

And I hope your 2020 vision comes true.

(P.S. "Hindu push-up" and "Hindu squat" are common misnomers for exercises more properly termed dand and bethak, not restricted to wrestlers of any particular religion or ethnicity.)



The second Case & Kat book:

An explosive cyber attack kills two hundred innocent civilians. Just miles away, an unknown assassin murders the head of IACS, Britain’s most secret cyber agency.

Case and Kat – the agency’s toughest, smartest operators – are desperate for revenge. For justice.

But they’ll need all their combat skills and cyber expertise to face a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions, launched from the harsh Icelandic wilderness. Can two desperate people halt a global attack and avert World War Three?

From award-winning author John Meaney, another mission for Case and Kat, drawing on Meaney’s own experience of hardcore martial arts and leading-edge computing, and shadowy hints from the real-world special forces working the interzone between cyber and kinetic warfare.


Mission Critical

The rather marvelous Jonathan Strahan has produced an anthology of mostly hard SF stories based on the theme of Stuff Goes Wrong and "We're going to have science the s**t out of this," which was a terrific idea.

My contribution, called Lost In Splendour, shares space with with stories from Greg Egan, Aliette de Bodard, Linda Nagata, Gregory Feely, John Barnes, Tobias S. Buckell, Jason Fischer & Sean Williams, Yoon Ha Lee, Peter Hamilton, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Dominia Phetteplace, Allen Steele, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Peter Watts.

All good stuff, coming to a bookshop near you on 9th or 11th July, or thereabouts, depending on which country you live in. Hope you like it!



A special promotion on Amazon for 2 days only: on Thursday 18th April 2019 and Friday 19th April 2019, Two For Tristopolis is absolutely free.

Two short stories set in a city powered by the suffering of the dead, beneath an unchanging ever-purple sky:

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Coming soon: Strategy Pattern, a Case and Kat novel.


Short stories

Available now from Amazon... I guess the title's pretty self-explanatory! Both stories are set between the events of Dark Blood aka Black Blood and Tristopolis Requiem.

In a city powered by the suffering of the dead, Bone Listener Jamie Thargulis and Sister Stephanie of the Order of Thanatos struggle with their separate pasts. As the Tri-Millennial approaches in a period of civil unrest, can Jamie’s son Carl come to terms with his mixed heritage, and see the world as it truly is?

When Detective Sergeant Adam Obsidian calls in the death of the spike-encrusted Gambuccini brothers, he doesn’t expect to become the hunted, sought by his own colleagues in the Tristopolis PD. And what if he isn’t as innocent as he thinks?