...despite it all. There's a healing power in writing -- Stephen King would say redemptive -- and so that begins again, with a new novella. Oh, and... when I know the publication date for the next novel, I'll let ya know. The title is Bone Song, as I think I mentioned.

On Saturday, Yvonne and I will be Paul McKenna's guests at his Weight Loss Seminar. Marvellous (and sorely needed) fun. Last month I became a Licenced Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I'll have you know... and Paul was one of the outstanding trainers on my course, along with Richard Bandler and Michael Neill. My first words to Mr McKenna were: "You're a f***ing genius." (He is. Take a peek at

The term 'modelling' has passed into reasonably common usage beyond the catwalk, when it refers to copying someone who's got a great skill you'd like to acquire. In martial arts, I learned shotokan from one of the best. Recently I've formed the opinion that the most practical art for self defence is the Israeli discipline called krav maga. (Some practitioners of other arts are outstanding in the self defence arena, but here I'm talking about the curriculum and teaching methods of the art itself.)

The picture is of me with Eyal Yanilov, chief instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation. Boy, was I impressed with the training!

Earlier this evening, I watched my Jump London DVD again. That's about parkour, aka free running. Yvonne's comment, when she saw me rivetted to the TV screen the first time I glimpsed parkour was: "Shame you're too old, or you'd have just found your new sport." Thanks, darling. It's interesting that Sebastien Foucan, credited as the discipline's founder (see quotes Bruce Lee as a major influence.

Then I watched feline parkour as Nutmeg (aka Captain Bonkers) chased Bonbon (the most beautiful being in all known universes) up and down the stairs.

Remember to have fun, Pilots. Take care.


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