...series of the resurrected Dr Who is being broadcast in the UK. (I believe US folk get to see it soon on the Sci-Fi Channel.) I'm going to miss the return of the cybermen on Saturday. Chris Hill and I were comparing impressions of David Tennant: thumbs up.

I got to meet Paul Cornell in Glasgow last year, at Worldcon. He wrote the episode in which Rose (avoiding spoilers here) has an opportunity to change the past. I told him Dr Who wasn't supposed to make me cry, but 'Father's Day' did.

There's only one thing in the revised Who universe that's going to need some serious wild logic to justify... How can the Doctor be the last Time Lord, when his race can travel through time? Shouldn't they keep popping up whenever they feel like it, each Time Lord (or Lady?) with his (her?) unique timeline, in no way parallel or comparable to any other's?

Surely not another parallel universe from a divergence of history... We've been there (and then) before.

Oh, yeah... Yvonne bought me a radio-controlled Dalek. It's suitable for ages five upwards, so I just about qualify...


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