...or (in reverse) the wrestler, the baseball player, and the woman with silver serpent sandals. John Irving, Stephen King and JK Rowling were on top form in Radio City Music Hall, NYC, last week. Thanks to Jim Minz, I was there to see, hear, and applaud them. Cheers, Jim!

It was a fund-raising event, kicked off by Whoopie Goldberg, then with Tom Robbins (who was funny) introducing Stephen King, Stanley Tucci (who was knowledgeable) doing the honours for John Irving, and Kathy Bates (who was cool) praising JK Rowling. All three writers spoke a little about the writing life, and gave readings that were polished dramatic performances. Thanks to John Irving, I now know exactly what Owen Meany's squeaky voice sounds like. Boy, did I laugh a lot that night.

Some time back, I heard a radio interview in which a record producer said that some musical numbers, regardless of genre, have a shining quality of song: the stuff you need to sing along to. And some writers have the extra gift of pure story. Three exemplars were in Radio City Music Hall that night.