...Only if we make it so, of course. It's not literally true that anything can happen, since one of the things I find interesting about quantum physics is the possibilities that are disallowed (the dark bands in an interference pattern, or for that matter, the infinite number of disallowed energy levels in an atom). Still, human beings don't think about trying to make an electron go where it shouldn't, only in achieving things in our own lives, and am I preaching again? Oops. Being happy is a behaviour pattern, and a choice. A good one.

Anyway, to add some gravitas to my pronouncements, here's me wearing a black gown in the city of dreaming spires. Now you'll have to pay attention. Further examples of this form of logic may be found in the Wizard of Oz, viz. the scarecrow's diploma and the lion's medal. Since I'm currently in a Disney resort in Florida, such reasoning seems perfectly natural.

On Saturday I had the huge privilege and honour meeting Colonel John Blaha, astronaut, at the Kennedy Space Center. He is a very smart man, and I am in awe.

Soon I'll be back in the UK to cool off my fevered brain. Fly straight, Pilots.