So what's doing the trick - giving up caffeine, drinking soya milk, or just the increase in cardio training? Anyhow, my blood pressure has dropped from oh bloody hell to normal, and 5 kilos of excess weight has disappeared from my waist.

Penny Hill asked how my willpower was, when she wanted to make coffee, when we visited chez Hill a couple of weeks back. I almost answered that it wasn't relevant, then realized that wasn't quite right, then found more interesting things to talk about. Thing is, willpower allied with imagination might have helped me make the change - to kick my decades-old habit - but as a one-off behaviour-change thingy. After that, coffee is just something I ignore. No willpower required from that point onwards.

One of the best-known NLP gurus appeared sociopathic every time I've seen him in social interactions, possesses some abilities I associate with far-spectrum autism, and is not a pleasant individual. Where I would agree with him is that if a change requires ongoing courage, there might be better ways of doing it.

Crap. I am so not becoming a life-coach guru. I've got better things to do.

Anyhow, I'm feeling leaner and meaner. My muscular weightlifting/rugby playing/boxing nephews are also using my home dojo/gym and lifting massive weights. Great to have 'em around.


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