Like most writers, I've had a couple of unpublished novels tucked away. One is sort of recent, though begun seven years ago - while the other, my novel-written-aged-20, will stay hidden, thank you - and I've mentioned it here in the blog from time to time.

It's New Jerusalem - an alternate history cold war spy thriller.

Genre-wise, it's not SF by most people's standards. I began New Jerusalem in 2003 (I recall discussing it with my then-US agent at World Fantasy in Washington DC - he was excited, but this was before Chabon came out with The Yiddish Policemen's Union) and worked on it between other projects.

It being outside the purview of my normal publishers, and featuring a Jewish spy as a protagonist, I've not put any effort into getting it out there - not with geopolitical events of recent years. In the book, the Middle East is at peace, but that's not what marketing-minded folk would think of first.

Here's the blurb:
Half-American, half-English and belonging nowhere, David Wolf is an atheist Jewish spy, physicist and killer, driven by his need for life on the edge, drawn to the clandestine world.

The year is 1962, and this is the independent Jewish state founded after World War 2 - inside the borders of West Germany and Berlin. With the Middle East at peace, the western world faces both Soviet and neo-Nazi terrorist threats.

Wolf's hunt takes him through a different Germany, an oppressive Soviet Union and finally to New York, confronting enemies of the mind and physical mass destruction.

So I've published it on Amazon US and Amazon UK as a Kindle edition. You can read it on a PC or an iAnything by downloading free software from Amazon, as well as on an actual Kindle.

Here it is. Let's see if it'll fly...


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