Remember I'll be at Bristolcon this coming Saturday. Catch me any time, but in particular at these 3 times:

1) My first panel is at noon:

SPECIAL EFFECTS – FROM HARRYHAUSEN TO AVATAR: As little as five years ago, Empire Magazine predicted that James Cameron’s Avatar, then trapped in development hell, would never be realised because the technology to make it simply didn’t exist.

This year SFX guru Ray Harryhausen celebrated his 90th birthday and, in honour of these two events, Bristolcon is devoting a panel to the history of special effects in movies and TV, looking at how far they’ve come from the days of stop motion, wondering if more is actually better, and speculating on how far the art can be pushed in the future.

The other panellists are: Alex Keller, Mike Tucker, Terry Cooper, Gareth L Powell (Chair), Dave Golder.

2) At 13:50 I'll be doing a reading, possibly from Point.

3) And then another panel at 18:00, which will be the Big One:

We've all got drunk. But very few of us have been involved in a tavern brawl, fought hand to hand combat, faced down a barrage of ray guns or led a cavalry charge. Maybe as a result of this, writers frequently cite fight scenes as one of the hardest things to write. So we have martial artists/authors John Meaney and Juliet McKenna on hand to guide you through the mechanics of writing fight scenes, and maybe, if you’re lucky, demonstrate some moves on our other unsuspecting panellists…

The other panellists are Juliet McKenna, Joe Abercrombie, Colin Harvey (Chair), Cheryl Morgan.

As mentioned 2 posts back, Mrs Abercrombie gave me express permission to perpetrate violence on her husband's person during the panel. Plus he's just finished the book he was working on (Heroes), so if something goes a bit awry and he has to spend time convalescing, it shouldn't affect his schedule. Too much.


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