Actually, I'm out in public quite a lot - shopping in Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's, the occasional Starbucks, visiting the library, walking down the street, jogging along the cycle track. And I'll talk to anyone, me.

Still, I shall be officially in public during Eastercon, including a signing session at noon on Saturday 23rd in Waterstone's, New Street, in the centre of Birmingham, a signing at 4pm back in the convention hotel, and MY BIG MARTIAL ARTS DEMO with Juliet McKenna, like the Bristolcon thing (that apparently went down well) with added pain and screams. That's at 9pm on Saturday.

Next month, on 13th May, I shall be the guest speaker at the Birmingham SF Group. This is going to be riotous fun. Plus, I intend to talk about a dark, hidden, taboo subject: where I get my ideas from. They're going to be astounded.

And I'm girding up, well, whatever, in anticipation of being Guest of Honour at Novacon 41 in Nottingham. That's going to be amazing, for all sorts of reasons. Major socializing, major fun


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