Means mystical kick-in-the-head enlightenment, as you probably know. It's also the prequel to Shibumi - anyone remember that? Sort of up there with Shogun and (Gawd 'elp me) The Ninja among cult Japanese-themed novels. The new book is written by Don Winslow, keeping the "Trevanian" pseudonym of the earlier author.

...I was intrigued, but I picked up one of Winslow's other books instead, The Winter of Frankie Machine, and liked it loads.

In other non-SF, towards the end of last year I read John Le Carré's last few novels. All the verve and command of an old master, with all the rage of an angry young man. Probably the most impressive books I've read during the last 6 months at least. Gives me hope for the next few decades...


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