At karate dojos, when I ask if people are into MMA (as spectators) I get blank looks and only occasional enthusiasm (invariably from the best fighters). Big contrast to yesterday, rolling with the BJJ/MMA guys from Gracie Barra Swansea. The imminent UFC 129 was the only topic of conversation after the training was over.

BTW, thanks for going easy on the old guy, fellas...

So while respecting the 2 headline fights - GSP and José Aldo are terrific, likewise their respective opponents - I was waiting for the Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture fight. Couture, aka Captain America, is 47, a gentleman and athlete, while Machida is shotokan karate's MMA icon. It was hard for me to take sides in advance.

Result: Machida won with a tobi mae geri (or mae tobi geri if you prefer). That's a flying front kick to the jaw, last seen on the (original) Karate Kid. Classy.

But his real weapon is his tai sabaki, loosely translated as footwork, more accurately as body evasion. Nice work. Respect.


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