You might be interested in my writing rather than random observations on martials arts. On Friday I sent in the revised (after editorial feedback) Transmission, being book 2 of the Ragnarok trilogy - definitely my best-crafted work to date. Whether you'll like it is up to you, of course!

It's time for me to commence 10 days of being a dutiful (old if not mature) graduate student - minimal daily writing - since I've some work to complete by 10th May. I'm writing the software in Haskell, and fascinated by recursion though I am, I really haven't absorbed the functional programming mindset in the way I have object orientation.

(I take OO for granted now, but I wrote an awful lot of software before Java was invented - to pick an obvious landmark. Some clever folk worked out the concepts a long time earlier, as discussed in the OOPSLA conference of 1968, but it really wasn't mainstream.)

I shall now mumble to myself for a while about the disappearance of punched cards and how can anyone build a self-respecting computer without loads of flashing lights on the front?


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