I've amended Resonance in the light of insightful editorial comments, and sent it back. Having worked through Christmas to hand it in originally, then spent several full-on weeks in the software engineering world, mainly academic, then back to the revisions over Easter... I got to "relax" over the past weekend.

Although that's not a word usually associated with the legendary Dave Hazard, except when he "relaxes" opponents, which he does explosively...

He visits Wales once a year, and it's the highlight of many people's training. Most of the Welsh shotokan groups were represented this time, along with kyokushin fighters, with a couple of legends among the trainees, never mind Sensei Hazard.

And how many people have such a suitable name? He appeared in fictional guise, with his first name changed to Max, in a couple of fantasy novels by Richard LaPlante.

Which reminds me that, although I've referred to Russian military combatives, rokupashniboi, in Resonance, my original concept of Pilots' unarmed combat, at least as shown in Paradox, comes from Dave's fast-flowing and vicious approach to shotokan.

So it's an easy day for me today, recovering from my relaxation. And then to address the question on my mind...

Whatever shall I write next?