I recently had the immense pleasure and honour of teaching for a month (the second year running) on a rather special graduate programme. The word I want to use is élite, not the born-into-privilege kind, but the sort you get into by hard work and talent. Massive, gigantic thanks to Aaron, Andrew, Ash, Graham, Harry, Jess, Joe, Josh, Kavi, Mark, Pancée and Tony. Change the world! Have fun!

I have some other cool stuff to do in the computer world, but the new book is coming along. Nothing to discuss there, not even the title yet. (Ages back, I ran several candidate titles past Justina Robson and John Parker, and they leapt on one. Clearly the right choice, since I can no longer remember the others.) I'm hoping for some synergy between my two professional worlds.

My fitness is at a relatively decent level, and I'm leaner than I've been for a while. It was time to drop the body weight, and my speed seems to have increased. Or maybe that's the cappuccinos...