An unjustified male dominance persists in computer science, maths, physics and the other sciences, despite Ada Lovelace having been the world's first programmer, Emmy Noether's work on symmetry explaining the conservation laws most people simply accept, and a plethora of others: Theano, Emilie du Chatelet, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Margaret Hodgkin, Grace Hopper, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Candace Pert and Lynn Margulis for starters.

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, which aims to encourage women in science, engineering and maths, I'm putting my story The Whisper Of Disks here on the website for free. It features the fictional Augusta 'Gus' Calzonni, discoverer of mu-space in my seven Pilots novels, who appears as a minor character in the 2nd and 3rd volumes of the Ragnarok trilogy.

The story is equally about Ada Lovelace herself, so what could be more appropriate?