Ah, those intermittent bloggers and their pathetic excuses for long absences... What to make of them?

It's a good while back that I guest-blogged on Mr Stross's fine site, and my more modest contributions dwindled even further after that experience, when I glimpsed just how much ongoing effort it takes to keep that kind of high-octane blog going.

Well, I'd said some time back that I was going to teach two massive, bootcamp-style graduate programmes this year, pretty much back to back, and that's exactly what I did. Thanks ever so much, guys... You and the Monster were awesome!

So that was my summer, and a fine one it was too.

Writing-wise, the Satellite 4 Souvenir Book features a YA story set in the Pilots universe, and called Jonquil's Ray. I hope all you Eastercon 2014 attendees like it.

I suspect it's my final piece of science fiction to be published, twenty-two years after my first story appeared in Interzone. Like Charlie Stross, who's written about the same thing on his blog, I've no desire to write more SF. All done, and it's been magnificent.

I'm working harder than ever on the new book, of course. It just ain't SF...