Get the Edge... and Point!

Both titles are now out, freshly revised from the as-by-Thomas Blackthorne editions. Definitely superior. Edge and Point both feature Josh Cumberland. I expect to continue the series, possibly with prequels.

Here's the description for Edge:

Josh Cumberland’s daughter lies in a coma she will never wake from. He can’t help her, but perhaps he can save someone else.

This is near-future Britain: storms, flash whirlwinds and floods. A legalized knife culture. And a missing rich schoolboy, whose buried memories hold the key to political corruption at the highest levels.

Josh is a cyber specialist, ex-special forces and relentless. Can he pull a country and a world back from the edge of disaster?

And two reviews:

“Cumberland leaps off the page, a trained killer whose anger and grief at his daughter's condition is brilliantly portrayed; the depiction of his simmering rage, barely held in check, and how he channels it, provides a masterclass in characterisation.” The Guardian

“What starts off as a simple missing persons enquiry develops into a full-blown coup against a fascist state... Set in a Britain extrapolated from today's violent streets, yet still highly recognisable, Edge is the first in what will hopefully be a long running series.” Total Sci-Fi

Both ebooks are available right now, exclusive to Amazon in order to participate in Kindle Unlimited. Paperbacks to follow. (There's no reason, these days, to delay ebook publication if the paper editions aren't ready yet.)

Since they show as brand new, fresh books, they'll also start off with no reader reviews. Please leave an honest review if you like the books!

Coming soon: Destructor Function, Case Book 1. A Case & Kat novel. If you like Josh Cumberland, I think you'll like Case. And as for his colleague Kat... she's a scary piece of work.