What I Did On My Holiday

It's a little while back now, but we had a long trip through places like Lindisfarne (think Vikings) and Whitby Abbey (think Dracula) and the Western Highlands of Scotland. Here's a view of Ben Nevis (Scotland's highest peak) by moonlight:

The Caledonian Canal features a long series of locks called Neptune's Staircase, and I did take photos of the canal itself, but was struck by this piece of useful advice, which we should always bear in mind every day: 



 So I did a few things during the trip. One was to grow Very Old Indeed. Back in my youth, reaching age 65 (for a bloke) counted as becoming an OAP (Old Age Pensioner). 

 So I did indeed pass that milestone, but (even with a somewhat knackered hip) I managed to train everyday: either wrestling calisthenics or resistance bands (and karate drills). I can carry a gym in a small bag, which I think is pretty damn marvellous: 



 And I mostly trained in hotel rooms, but I also got in some nice outdoor training in a rather excellent lodge we stayed at: 



...Oh, and, I started a new piece of writing also. Current state of play: the latest Case and Kat book is finished bar the actual publishing bit (minor detail!); I've a new novel in progress, plus some other new thing whose eventual length I have absolutely no idea about. Not a Scooby (as we say in Cockney rhyming slang).


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