New hard-SF action adventure: THREADSLINGER'S CODE

 A new novella launches today. It's called Threadslinger's Code...

Jack Tolliver is trying to retrieve a stolen book, but he isn't the library police, and he's more than a spy: he's a threadslinger. When dark forces strike from another universe, it's time to up his game... or leave the entire world at risk.

Multiverse shenanigans, spy craft and skullduggery, even some AI stuff that no one's thinking about right now... What more could you possibly want?

(Rhetorical question... If anyone asked me what I wanted, I could probably come up with something. 😊)

It was fun to write, for sure.




When schoolboy Finbar sees his teacher disappear into a solid brick wall, it has to be some form of hallucination, doesn’t it? But when strange things occur six years later, it’s time to question his ideas about reality… and fight for his survival.


Now available from Amazon... Enjoy!

And more short fiction to come from me this year, as well as another novel.