From award-winning author John Meaney comes a thrilling tale of Tristopolis, a Gotham-like city beneath perpetually dark skies, where the bones of the dead fuel the reactor piles, indentured wraiths power the elevators, and daylight never shines.

A missing-person case has Donal Riordan searching for a crime lord while wraiths try to stop him, but every clue brings him closer to a different kind of danger aimed right at the heart of Tristopolis. The city must be protected – but what will be the cost?

I really, really loved writing this one! Hope it works for you...



Something of a YA story, in fact.

Jonquil is a fourteen year old with a secret, living in the city of New Vane that floats in the orange skies of planet Molsin. What should have been an ordinary school trip to the zoo becomes something far more deadly, with many lives at risk.

Can the daughter of undercover Pilots keep her secret? Or will she fail to survive the day?

An exciting hard-SF story, set in the Pilots universe, from award-winning author John Meaney.

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 It's a prequel, technically a novelette, set in Oxford before Case joined IACS.

When a fellow postgrad student points the finger at a possible Chinese spy in Oxford, Case feels compelled to investigate... but can he trust his instincts when the affair turns deadly serious?

A novelette featuring Case in his Oxford days, after leaving 18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment, the cyber-savvy arm of UK Special Forces, and before he became an operative of IACS.

Another cyber thriller from award-winning author John Meaney, drawing on Meaney’s own experience of hardcore martial arts and leading-edge computing, and shadowy hints from the real-world special forces working the interzone between cyber and kinetic warfare.

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