Today I added this small entry to the book of condolences at the website of Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon, following Steve Green's pledge to drink a toast in Glasgow to KIM Campbell, Canadian stalwart of British fandom, who left us forever last November:

*** I'll drink that toast with Steve: to a wonderful person with a beguiling smile, a carrying voice that always snagged me, and whose hugs and laughs were the centrepoint of many a convention. May Eternity hold you in joy, KIM, for back here on Earth we miss you. ***

...I'm still saddened, with little more to add. Yvonne and I first met KIM at Jersey airport, on our way to an Eastercon, and we shared a taxi. The ride seemed short, yet we are at ease as if we'd known each other all our lives. Nothing unique on my part: that was KIM's talent. A determined peacemaker wrapped in amused happiness.

We met up only at cons, but my world is emptier now. For those who were closer to her, I can only offer sympathy. She was wonderful. We laughed a lot.


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