Just thought I'd try a larger font. What do you think? Today's real blog entry is the one I posted earlier, just a little way down the page. But there's some stuff a proper professional probably would've mentioned in a previous post...

The US edition of Context is out, and it looks fantastic!

There's a review of Paradox in Asimov's at which is most excellent. The final sentence reads: "Prometheus Books have scored a coup in obtaining the series to open their new SF imprint; let’s hope they bring the rest of the sequence to us without delay." Well, Context is the next volume, and it's here!

The Publishers Weekly review of Context is reprinted on both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages for the book. B&N also conducted an interview with me and have their own review of the book, and I'll post a link to that when I've got it.

Fly straight, Pilots...


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