...for all time. And it's the entire universe that may be cycling. Minus the time reversal part, here's a cosmological model presented by Paul Steinhardt of Princeton and Neil Turok of Cambridge, which otherwise resembles the one I used in Paradox. And you thought I was nuts.

Okay, I am. But.

The time reversal aspect came from Gold via Hawking. I think I mentioned that in the Acknowledgments in the book, didn't I? Anyway, as time continues inexorably, let me mention that the US paperback edition of Paradox is now out from Pyr. Wonderful. The book itself looks great.

My first book in the UK was To Hold Infinity. That's going to be my fourth book in the US, coming out in hardcover first (which didn't happen here in Old Blighty). I'm checking the proofs this week. It's fun!


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