...The Darker Domain by Val McDermid. I read some of her early novels published by The Women's Press, then her Kate Brannigan novels, all before she became Really Famous with her Tony Hill books. This book flawlessly integrates two timelines and arguably three stories. If it seems an easy read it's because of her excellent crafting.

Since I've never met her, I've inserted a pic of me with a different Val -- Val Knight and her hubby Vince, two lovely people who are both very accomplished hypnotists, and have a terrific sense of humour. This can be an interesting combination...

Oh, yeah... One of Ms McDermid's Tony Hill books features officers searching the flat of someone who turns out to be the psycho killer. What do they spot? Iain Banks novels on his bookshelves. Looks like an open and shut case to me, guv. Bang to rights.


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