...are one of my addictions. Yours too? I read The Lies of Locke Lamora shortly before it hit the shelves, and loved it. Wonderful book.

What else? I spent a weekend at the Furey household in Ireland. That's Maggie and Eric, not Matt-the-fitness-guru. Maggie's book in progress totally rocks. And Eric and I stayed up all night twice, working on Jedi mind tricks...

Oh, yeah. While I was there, I did a podcast interview for the wonderful folks at Dragon Page, whose geographical location is in Arizona, and whose cyberspace address is here:

And I've got the artwork for the next book, Bone Song. The cover is different from the previous ones, and it should be: the book is different.

I'll upload a copy when I can...

...belatedly, though, but it was nice that Paradox won the Independent Publishers Award for best SF book of 2005, at BookExpo America in Washington, D.C.

Details at


R.I.P. BOB BRIDGES 1950-2006

Another sad occasion: last week I attended the funeral of Bob Bridges, an extraordinary man whom I was privileged and honoured to know.

Bob served in 21 SAS, was a pioneer of object-oriented programming, a master teacher, an accomplished poet, runner and skier, student of zen and bushido, deeply knowledgeable in science and philosophy. He was a gentle man who observed the world with wonder and curiosity, making friends with everyone he met.

Sayonara, my friend. The universe is incredibly richer for your being here.