Psychologists consider our subjective time sense to be an important part of our personality - some folk are great at immersing themselves in the moment while being poor at admin and planning, others are great at seeing the plan but not in sensually enjoying the moment. Actually, those are the two ends of a somewhat notional spectrum, and we can all learn to switch our perspective more or less consciously.

Said perspective is irrelevant to whether someone is successful in their career, but as a generalization, you'll find that writers (and musicians etc.) are in the live-now-plan-badly group.

Which is a long-winded preamble to an apology to anyone trying to email me at the account on the Contact page... My bad. No admin skills whatsoever. My lovely service provider will be enabling the account forthwith - within the next 24 hours for sure.



Two weeks to UK publication of Point. I've posted pictures of the cover before, but it's changed! As of now, the image on Amazon is not what the finished book is going to look like. It's gonna look like this.



I've made the new Audio page official - it's now on the header menu above. You've got me reading the first chapter of POINT, plus a longer extract of ABSORPTION, being the prologue and first two chapters.

These are better quality than the test file of EDGE that I put up before... That one's still there, but I'll do a better version with my new microphone soon.




If you've been waiting for me to reply to an email, many apologies. I got knocked flat by a chest infection, and I've been in and out of hospital, not to mention causing a public health scare because of the particular strain in my lungs. However, thanks to antibiotics, socialized healthcare and Yvonne, I'm recovering fast. I've gone from being unable to stand on Tuesday to feeling quite perky today. When those first patients receiving penicillin at the Radcliffe Infirmary thought it was miraculous, they were right.

All will be back to normal in a few days.



We saw in the New Year with what was intended to be a quiet celebration, with a couple of friends (Chris & Penny) and family. Being a highly coordinated, highly trained athlete with 100% awareness at all times... I managed to plunge a pointed kitchen knife into the back of my left hand.

Not so quiet, my reaction!

Luckily I missed the tendons, so it's a just a little stab wound that'll be healed in a week. I asked my brother whether there's a krav maga defence against a knife attack by yourself on yourself, but apparently that's one they never thought to put into the system...

It happened well before midnight, so I view it as an interesting end to 2010, with 2011 bound to be a fine year. Hopefully.