I had a great time on Friday, talking to (entertaining) the Birmingham SF Group. Mixed lots of Birmingham-based reminiscing with determining the true nature of time and space. Mucho fun. I used small wooden hoops - actually Yvonne's embroidery frames - to represent the spacetime continuum at different sizes and times. Many thanks to the entire front row for helping out! Thanks to Rog, Vernon, Pat, Theresa, Dave, Martin, Anne, Stan, and the Novacon gang.

Over the last few days, by the way, Blogger had a malfunction, so I could not approve any comments or publish new posts. I know that at least one person commented on my Illustrious panel, but I'm afraid that's disappeared into another spacetime continuum...

More fun was had on Saturday with the Novacon gang round Tony's house. You won't believe what wonders we've planned for the big event...


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