I've never been one to keep track of the music scene. (Al Reynolds can discourse intelligently on the topic, but not me.) If you're defined by the music of your late teens, then I'm a Led Zeppelin guy, but I've never had my finger on the musical pulse. (And I was dead surprised to find out, years after Saturday Night Fever, that the Bee Gees were blokes. Not that anyone sings basso profundo outside opera.) Al Stewart was the best performer I saw during my student years.

So not knowing the names of current groups is not a sign of aging, more like business as usual. But I know what gets the blood pumping, and never mind that I'm in my mid-50s... This is what my brand-new not-yet-trained-to 62-minute workout playlist looks like. (Most workouts, I expect I'll either play it through twice, or once with my previous playlist.)

Since there's a couple of old tracks buried in there, there's no hope of maintaining street cred. But here we are:

Bring It On, by Tom Erba & Nathaniel Dawkins
Fireproof, by Pillar
Training Montage, by Vince di Cola
Muzik, by Knoc-Turn'all
300 Violins, by Jorge Quintero
My Time, by Fabolous
'Till I Collapse, by Eminem
Remember the Name, by Fort Minor
Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor
X Gon' Give It To Ya, by DMX
The Wings of Icarus, by Celldweller
(Rock) Superstar, by Cypress Hill
We Made It, by Buster Rhymes feat. Linkin Park
Lose Yourself, by Eminem
It's A Fight, by Three 6 Mafia
Put On, by Young Jeezy

Motivation is all.

It's a fight...


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