I am proud and very honoured to be an Interzone alumnus, class of 1992. The best SF writers in the world sprang fully formed from David Pringle's forehead (and I tagged along): he is the Zeus of Science Fiction.

Worldwide, the genre benefited from the British resurgence. (I know, because Gardner Dozois said so.) So many of us Brits made our first sales to Interzone magazine, and were nurtured in its hothouse environment. (Always with a sense that ya gotta try hard, and the story better be good.) Who knows how many writers would have fallen by the wayside without David's towering presence?

Thank you, Mr Pringle, for 22 years of outstanding service to SF.

David has stepped down as editor, but Interzone continues under the TTA banner (and the best of luck to all involved). At the 2005 World SF Convention in Glasgow, we'll have to find some way to honour David for his sterling contributions. It'll be insufficient thanks, even so.

Thanks, guv.

Keep your trajectories straight, Pilots. Take care.


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