So did I miss October? Did we have one? What happened?
That's me ringing my bro Colm to find out . . . Well, okay, no, we were in a restaurant together acting grown up and sensible. Sober-minded as always.
So, what did happen?

I handed in Dark Blood (the final draft) on time, during September. Blogging while the book was in progress . . . that was fine, as you can see from previous posts. But October was the month in which to work out What To Write Next.

So, sorry, but no random thoughts made it as far blogspace, because everything went into the subconscious cookpot, until I was able to outline several new projects. One of them I almost had, but wasn't quite there. And when you're in that state, and Paul McKenna just happens to be on the phone and says, "I can help with that. It'll only take a few minutes," what can you do?

So a few minutes trance, a good night's sleep, and next morning I outlined a complex book called Resonance. Wow.

It's only one of several projects, and I'll keep ya posted as they develop.

And how are your dreams developing?


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