Available here. I've only just taken a look at some of these 18-minute lectures, on my pal Vince's recommendation. So here's what I think.

Imagine you were sitting in H.G. Wells' study, having a philosophical chat about the future. You might imagine a time when electric devices would broadcast moving images and live sound to receiving devices in every home. And how emancipated would the citizens of the world be, as they could tune in to lectures and lessons taught by the finest minds of the age!

...Or watch EastEnders/Who Wants To Be A Millionaire/Big Brother/Friends/{insert soap opera | game show of choice}

Or if you add some calculating power, you could connect devices so that on demand people could download pictures of other people who've forgotten to put their clothes on... Or, they could watch lectures by the people who write the non-fiction books that you're most interested in. Like here.

(This is my opinion based on watching three lectures and recognizing quite a few names among the other guest lecturers. There's a whole load of people I've never heard of, so the good ones might be a minority or the majority. But hey, I'm willing to find out.)

Steady as you go, Pilots.


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