Over at we have a nice five-star review of EDGE, calling it:
a dark, believable vision of a (near) future Britain, but more importantly an intelligent, slick and brilliantly executed novel with a quite unexpected but superbly scripted ending.
It's long and detailed, this review, so inevitably a little spoiler-ish... but here's a few more bits:
The technology is very clearly described and completely believable while John's knowledge and research of martial arts is quite astounding. He manages to create a very rich vision of a future Britain that is disturbingly close to being quite likely.
Or you can read the whole review. I'm pleased.

Plus, last night's signing at FORBIDDEN PLANET went very well, ta lots to everyone. Aliette de Bodard and I wore matching sweaters due to, er, atemporal bidirectional resonant synchronicity, of course. A billion thanks to Danie Ware of Forbidden Planet, the Invisible Woman (but we know who you are, Siân), plus the magnificent Lee Harris of Angry Robot, Cari and Nic for being there, and of course the primo agents in the universe, John Parker and John Berlyne of Zeno. Absolutely wonderful, so cheers, all!


Blogger Danacea said...

Thank you for coming - glad you enjoyed it! And I'm sure Sian will forgive you :)

February 13, 2010 at 6:37 PM  

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