From Eric Brown, in his review of EDGE in the Guardian, a very nice review indeed. His view of EDGE's protagonist, Josh Cumberland, is:
Cumberland leaps off the page, a trained killer whose anger and grief at his daughter's condition is brilliantly portrayed; the depiction of his simmering rage, barely held in check, and how he channels it, provides a masterclass in characterisation.

A couple of decades ago – can it really be that long? – I picked up a magazine called Interzone and a sudden explosive shock occurred, because it was British but not filled with doom and gloom. Instead, there was a fizzing, energetic story called Krash Bang Joe And The Pineal Zen Equation, written by one Eric Brown; and it gave me permission to write the way I wanted to. Cheers yet again, Mr Brown!

Remember, I'm signing at Forbidden Planet on this Friday, so if you're in London that evening, please pop in! That's the one with the competition whose prize is to feature in POINT, the sequel to EDGE, dying a painful and bloody death!

And you can still download the first 2 chapters of EDGE here by scrolling to the entry for January 18th.


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