When we moved into the new house on Xmas week, I put aside the first draft of TRANSMISSION (the second Ragnarok book) to begin POINT, the sequel to EDGE. Just under ten weeks later, it's all done. The first draft, that is. So, definitely whew.

Next, I've got the galley proofs for ABSORPTION to go through. That's tomorrow.

Socially, I took time out to attend the Orion authors' party last Monday in the Royal Opera House in London (Gollancz is part of Orion), met up with some of my lovely fellow writers, and caught the train straight back. Other than that, it's been writing interrupted only for workout, food and sleep.

As an email from a nice person reminded me – asking about a possible third Donal Riordan book (nothing on the cards, but I did outline a sequel ages ago, to no interest from publishers) – I've now written three books since leaving Donal in a dire situation! Poor bugger. He must be really hacked off by now...


Blogger heidi.vw said...

Oh I hope Donal is released !!
Will wait for as long as it takes...waiting, waiting, waiting...

March 16, 2010 at 10:39 AM  

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