Last Eastercon, I was on a panel discussing whether writers should blog and otherwise flaunt themselves in the virtual world. Besides revealing that I'd described Joe Abercrombie as bitter and twisted on his own blog, I also mentioned that full-time writing at home is a very unhealthy occupation. Certain prolific bloggers are not exactly the picture of good health - I'm not boasting, not after the snail-pace runs I've put in recently. Cost-benefit analysis might recommend going out for a long walk, if not to a gym, during those blogging hours.

Just to prove we're not post-Singularity yet, you can't shop online in Scotland now, because the weather's so bad the deliveries won't get through. You can sit in your cosy home with your cosy laptop, but you can't manipulate all of reality with your keyboard. (Although an attack on the power grid might have some effect, admittedly.)

On the other hand, there's no such thing as a true laptop computer yet. A true laptop computer goes away when you stand up. See? I'll be first in line when they hit the shops.


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