Been under the weather a little, better over the last few days. A couple of good dojo sessions this week, and tonight's 90-minute strength workout went like this:

Hindu push-ups: 100
Hindu squats: 200
Neck bridge: 120 seconds
KB one-arm snatch: 4 x 10 each hand
KB two-hand swing: 4 x 25
Superset: 4 x (10 x DB bench press; 10 x DB squat)
One-arm DB row: 4 x 10 each hand
Triset: 4 x (25 x ab crunch; 10 x lying DB triceps press; 10 x EZ-curl bar biceps curl)
Triset: 4 x (10 x DB calf raise; 10 x DB wrist curl; 10 x DB reverse wrist curl)
1 x Tabata interval on stationary bike

(where KB = kettlebell and DB = dumbbell)

Much better now. Will post intellectually coherent stuff soon, like a long-overdue report on just how stupendously enjoyable Novacon was for me.

Brain. Will. Reintegrate. Soon.


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