Just back from a week in Oxford, being a student for 5 days again. Apologies to any of my Oxford-based friends whom I didn't contact. My bad. But my days were full.

I get to meet interesting people, which is great. But no more lectures for me now. Just a thesis to write.

Chris Mays wrote an interesting comment to my previous post - and my answer is longer than this post... Thoughts on genre, but more specifically on pseudonmyms, and why I believe I really, really need one.

Having said that, the name I was thinking of... sucks. Big time. Thanks to Jim for pointing that out (politely).

Had a late workout last night. Kettlebell swings (two-handed, double and single-handed); dumbbell deadlifts; KB renegade rows; DB one-arm rows; double KB clean-and-presses; DB bench press; high-tension band triceps pushdowns; EZ-bar curls; DB triceps kickbacks; DB hammer curls; DB wrist curls and DB reverse wrist curls. Abs and stretching. I'd missed my weights...

Mixing kettlebells with other weights is clearly a minority activity, but they're just tools to achieve a purpose. Best to carry more than a hammer, if you're a carpenter. While in Oxford, I did shedloads of dand-baithaks along with wrestler's bridges. No gym required.

Doing exercises with 2 kettlebells at a time is new to me. Good stuff. The night before was largely running, this evening will be cardio of some kind plus bagwork.

Age is a state of mind.


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