So today's fuss is about whatever it is the TV news reporters can't divulge... That is, they can now tell us that there have been questions asked in Parliament regarding that report whose actual contents they still can't divulge because of the court gagging order. But the point is, the contents have been twittered and blogged about, because the law doesn't affect the web. Hey! (Non-UK readers will have to dig around a bit if you're really interested.)

In the same spirit, what top secret stuff can I reveal? Well, people have rightly praised Charles Stross's Saturn's Children as a terrific posthuman romp, sexy (yet not sordid) despite a lack of actual human characters, but the most important feature surely is the pivotal appearance of Dr Meaney...

I've not been in a novel since Peter Hamilton killed me.

It would be nice to return the favour, but ABSORPTION doesn't have the same kind of humour. So there'll be no Stross character in any forthcoming John Meaney book, I don't think.

Mind you, I'm not speaking for Thomas Blackthorne...


Blogger saintarthur said...

What? Now I have to re-read all Peter F Hamilton again looking for Dr Meaney. Ok, there are worse things that one could be forced to do.
I've just gone looking for information about you after reading "From The Heart" in The New Space Opera 2. Am guessing, nay, hoping that Absorption has the same characters, just from looking at the cover artwork
It's going on my list of pre-orders.
Haven't been this interested in a new discovery (for me) since I found Walter John Williams.
Superb short story. Keep up the good work.

October 18, 2009 at 10:11 PM  
Blogger John Meaney said...

Thank you so much! I like WJW a great deal, from discovering Aristoi and backtracking to Hardwired and Angel Station. I've met him since, and he's a great guy -- also a martial artist, also an admirer (and in his case a friend) of Roger Zelazny.

Your guess about Absorption is absolutely on the mark! It's actually Carl Blackstone's son who's the main character. There are three secondary timelines throughout the book (and some tertiary ones) but it's mainly set some twenty years after "From The Heart".

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!


October 19, 2009 at 7:12 PM  

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