Have a wonderful relaxing holiday, everyone! And if you happen to be in the UK and attending Eastercon, please come and say hello. I'm going to be on a 9pm panel on Friday, and signing books at 5pm on Sunday in the dealers' room. At other times, I'm usually not far from a source of coffee, so you can always find me to chat and have a laugh.

See you there!


Blogger Bob Lock said...

Hey there John,

Just finished Bone Song which I picked up on the spur of the moment as it dealt with hexs etc and I wanted to see how you used them in comparison to my little tome 'Flames of Herakleitos' (small press) and I was really impressed with the story. A great mixture of fantasy/horror/sf/detective which I thoroughly enjoyed, I'm looking forward to getting Dark Blood.

I'd really have liked to have visited Eastercon this year but The Fates deemed otherwise especially now that I see you attended and also to have rubbed shoulders with Joe Abercrombie who is another writer I enjoy, oh well, perhaps next year :)


March 27, 2008 at 12:27 PM  

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